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Pinar D. gave a 5 star rating

"Joseph Soulamon is an excellent massage therapist and frankly one of the best I've been to (and I've been to many over the years).  He really knows what he is doing and has an in-depth understanding of massage therapy.  

I find that he really knows how to target the area of concern and helps alleviate that pain.  I had an out of town friend visit who suffers from chronic pain and they had a similarly glowing review.  His prices are reasonable (whether in-office or home) and I can't recommend him enough."

Lynea G. gave a 5 star rating

"I have been a proponent of massage for over 20 years now and have been getting massages pretty consistently for that entire time.  I have worked with a number of therapists and I can say with great confidence that Joseph is a supremely talented and skilled massage therapist.

At the start of every visit he talks to me and checks in to find out how I am doing so that every visit is tailored to my needs.  He is knowledgeable about many other related areas (chiropractic, nutrition) and can intelligently discuss complementary treatments.

His knowledge of anatomy and the how the body works is reflected in his treatment.  (I need deep tissue massage and he is not afraid to really get in there, but he is very skilled and can tailor pressure to your needs & comfort.) I am thrilled to have discovered him and will continue seeing him until he gets tired of seeing me!  LOL

If you need a massage therapist, you will not go wrong with Joseph!!!"

Cady J. gave a 5 star rating


"I broke my ankle and have been in a walking boot for 3 weeks which has severely screwed up my back, neck and hips. I called Touch N Go, and he was able to fit me in that day. The massage was amazing! Joseph was very professional and made me feel comfortable.

I can honestly say that he specifically tailored the massage to me. I get massages quite frequently and know that a lot of them I expect and feel pretty much the same thing, but he focused on problem areas and introduced new techniques, all while making sure the pressure was comfortable.  

He also used some aromatherapy to help with breathing which was an added bonus! He's not the cheapest in the area, but the money you spend elsewhere for 2 or 3 sessions, he can accomplish in one. You are definitely paying for a quality service."


​​Nicholas Burton reviewed Touch N Go Massage — 5 star

"As a Massage Therapist myself, I have had the privilege of working alongside Joseph as both an instructor and as independent therapists. I can honestly say that his passion and commitment to the massage therapy industry is invaluable and is greatly reflected in his work.

I have also had the privilege to receive therapeutic bodywork from Touch N Go massage and the service exceeded my expectations. Josephs' 18+ years were evident, I even picked up a few techniques to implement into my own service.

Touch N Go Massage maintains a very high standard for professionalism and service quality and is definitely worth taking the time to experience."

Dovelle N Sala-Diakanda reviewed Touch N Go Massage — 5 star

"Joseph provided the best therapeutic massage I had in years.  He listens and makes sure that your problems are addressed properly.  The fact that the one hour session took place in my house was wonderful.  I would definitely recommend his services and practice to everyone."

Kelly Lapinski McAughan reviewed Touch N Go Massage — 5 star

"I highly recommend Joseph Soulamon!  He is knowledgeable not only in muscular therapy but in overall health and well-being. As a Young Living distributor he has recommended essential oils and organic options for myself and my family.

I now use essential oils daily ranging in uses from bug repellent to skin issues to common cold/allergies to relaxation. He goes out of his way to provide you with the best information for any issue you might be experiencing.

Most of all his massages are the best I have ever had. He has relieved me of so much pain and tightness that I had been experiencing for years. His knowledge of the human body is what makes him a class above any massage therapist because it goes beyond the muscles with him. Book an appt with him now!!!"

Bryan T gave a 5 star review

"Joseph is one of the best therapists I've had in nearly 20 years of getting regular massage.  I have several trouble spots because of athletic activity, work ergonomics, and overall aging.  He applied pressure and technique that was unique and superb.  He is a skilled professional, but he is also a very warm and friendly spirit."

Lisa Patel gave a 5 star review

"One of the best massage therapists my office could ask for. Joseph has been working with my Chiropractic Clinic for about 5 years now & every patient that sees him is highly satisfied.  The best part is that he knows his stuff, so when I have a specific treatment plan to achieve with my patients, Joseph knows exactly what to do.  I wish I had more time to myself to get massages from him.  Highly recommended!"

Melanie Mechura gave a 5 star review

"I am in LOVE with Touch N Go Massage! VERY professional atmosphere.  I got a 60 minute deep tissue with Joseph.  He provided the perfect massage and is a genius at his craft.  He asked what I wanted, where my problem areas were and by far gave me one of the best massages in my life.  

He addresses points of stress and works through knots to alleviate any tightness or kinks.  He also allows you to enjoy the experience, even when applying deep pressure.

If you like deep tissue, he's definitely your guy!  Within the first 10 minutes, I was hooked.  I'd give this place 100 stars if I could."

​Lauren Thibodeaux

"Joseph is the best at what he does. He is thorough and extremely knowledgeable. I have never had such increased mobility and comfort after a massage.  The stretches he performs are incredible, and after one treatment from Joseph you will be counting down the days until your next appointment with him!"

Katelyn Richter, M.S.

"Joseph is the best massage therapist I have ever gone to and I have been getting massages for years. He always asks how I am doing and what I need work on. He always seems to go above and beyond what I tell him. He uses essential oils which I love and is the perfect compliment to the perfect massage. 
I can always tell that when he is giving a massage he is 100 percent present. His main goal is always for me to be relaxed and ultimately feel better when I leave. He truly cares about his customers and always checks on me a couple days after to see how I am doing. You will not find a better massage therapist!"

Lee Wright

"Joseph is well respected and liked by our clients. His knowledge of advanced therapeutic modalities is exemplary."

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